I broke 2000!

WEEK 47 - POST 2

And my partner broke 400 followers for his own project.

It's time to celebrate!!!

I definitely want to recognize and appreciate this moment.


(I am definitely doing an update - repeat of this post for next summer!!)

The curious thing is that this success came through Fbook, which is not one of the social medias that I want to focus on.  So now the question is, should I switch tactics?  (It really happened through organic shares by friends - I only have 17 followers on the business page.)  Issue is that I want to reach younger people and I don't think they are on Fbook... (and even if I grow followers on Igram I think it's hard to convert them to blog readers...)  Maybe I can do the 52 Wk program until next spring then do some "Read my blog post - link in bio above" posts on Igram next summer??

A few good retweets though - with people who have over 1000 followers and including these orgs: Dow'sL, TreeFest, MetroO, the local CA, OE-talent.

(It's also hard to get back to the "normal" of 200 views as now I'm thinking harder - what next blog post will get such amazing organic sharing... How can I get 2000 views again??  Soon???  I really can't predict it and have to be able to let these questions go.  xo)

What are your suggestions - how do you convert social media followers to blog readers?

Other than thinking about this, my goals are:

- try to hit 2000 pageviews each month (for 4+ posts)
- see if I can average around 500 page views per post (currently the average is around 200)

It's been a great week for my business.  I really have put alot of time on it - updating one page and getting a second blog post done (and sharing with a friend who can give me some specific advice) and I also have a bunch of social media posts set up for this week and a few for next.  Still need to do some key ones for the Friday-Saturday for Earth Day.  I sent out the emails to see if a couple of organizations wanted to share my volunteer page on Earth Day but haven't heard back... I really should have emailed them two weeks in advance rather than five days in advance!  Oh well, live and learn...  If I can just get a bit ahead with a few things (blog post, 52 wk IG post) then I'd feel great about getting back to Writing Contract and other part-time tasks.

(I really missed at least a full 4 weeks if not more of blog posts this winter due to the writing contract - sigh!!  But hey, at least I'm back at it now!!)

So here's the short list from Monday:

- Taxes (DONE)
- Volunteer post + emails (DONE)
- post for this Wednesday (DONE)
- social media (DONE)

- part-time job tasks (NEXT)
- Fact Sheet (WEEK 48)
- IG 52 Wk program (next post)
- guest blog post (due start of wk 49)

It's a Wednesday evening as I write this update.  I have a meeting tomorrow morning, so won't be home and we're off on Friday, so I've got to get alot done tomorrow afternoon and my partner agreed that I could get some work done when I arrive at our destination (since I'm missing my work day).  I really wish that my business was the only thing I had on my plate (other than fiction writing).  Will I get there some day?  I realize more and more I need to double down on effort to make sure I have products that I can actually offer (and then eventually sell) as part of my business.

This NEEDS to take priority!

How have you built your business?  What was the first product (or service) you sold?  Was it a slow, steady climb?  How did you take that leap to full-time self-employment???

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