home stretch baby!!

WEEK 48 - POST 4

Tasks Complete:

1. Meeting on Monday for new collaboration (bike tour)

2. Emails (first email from customer, emails from organizations re: volunteer page plus an email asking about guest posting (but not about right topic!)  My biz emails weren't forwarding to my other email account and I forgot to check biz email account!

3. 52 weeks on instagram (need to get this up on twitter each week also...) but good that one is done!!

4. Responses to social media comments on instagram, Fbook

5. Went to large entrepreneur networking event on Thursday

6. Follow-up after meeting with new collaboration (bike tour in June) - sent google map, plus ideas for next steps.

7. Went to a "Thinkubator" that was discussed my biz topic.  I wasn't sure whether I really wanted to go or not (hard to be seen, not sure what to expect, still have worries about my ideas being "stolen") so I had to release some pent up energy on the way there.  But it turned out really well.

Had some really good conversations at the shared office space - I'm getting to know the people there which is nice.  Received two compliments on my blog (plus someone saying that they know of someone else who really likes my blog). Was able to provide some valuable suggestions to two of the organizations regarding how to get the word out about a #slow #conscious #ethical approach and how to promote themselves more in the city.  (Also came home to find a great compliment on my personal IG account: "I think you put it wonderfully - I have to let the magic start!"

Next Up: Writing Fact Sheet (+ primer and audit)

It's the home stretch!!!

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