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WEEK 48 - POST 5

It's getting pretty intense here.  Lots going on - these two weeks are crunch time and I'm hoping after this I will be able to find an AMAZING work-life balance.  (I was driving back from volunteering on Saturday and seeing so many people out - biking, walking, downtown, on patios...)

But here is what I'm wrestling with right now though: all these great ideas that come and I don't have time for them all.  (It was good to be at the entrepreneur session - where one of the panelists said - just choose a few and work on them until they are complete and then go to the next one - don't get overwhelmed.)

I think what I have to do is Thank these ideas for coming and tell them what i plan to do next and ask them to come back when I have time again.  I really don't know what else to do.

I've started my 52 Week initiative (and that's a full year commitment and will need some extra hours soon!) and here are the other things on the table:

- weekly blog post
- guest blog post (due next week - so soon off my list)
- taxes (I have to do a second set!)
- graphic design needs
- collaboration in May
- collaboration in June
- the MP3 I want to do
- the local downloadable guides (I have an idea for a first one but I keep getting lots of ideas!)

That's enough, that's really more than enough as I don't even have listed here the part-time job, the writing contract (winding down in the next two weeks) and the fiction writing!

But then after the Thinkubator, I was emailing one person about a social media campaign (which only fits in peripherally with my biz (so I said I could just help out in one way if they decide to start)) and looking into how I could make 100 in 1 day work for me and also considering taking some training in August (I'm not sure I want to do it right now!).  Then today after doing some volunteering, I'm thinking about how to connect tour leaders with advocates that I met in the west end.

The good thing is that I didn't find any collaborators that really clicked with what I'm doing so there is nothing HUGE that I should follow-up on.  They were all keen on the same topic but their audience  and approach is different than mine.  So in the end it was a good experience - I received positive feedback, I didn't add to my "to do" list and I feel more focused on just exactly what I want to do!

I've also decided that I won't be doing a couple of other social media campaigns (30 x 30 or 30 days of...) this year.  Even though, they could again get me some more followers, I need to put my time into what I already have in front of me - I can always do them another year.  Same with this 100 in 1 day thing.  I did April Love and I can look for something in July, August or September...  when the other things on my list are under control.


I need to really keep up the quality of my content and be consistent (for the weekly blog post and 52 days) and then work on some products - perhaps the collaborators I need to find are more other skills like graphic design, recording, publishing, etc.  Then when those first few products are done I can again look at ways to reach more people and do more promotion!  (I'm still getting shares of my Bucket List post 13 days after the initial posting on my personal Facebook page!)

I'm excited about the first two collaborations and it shows me what I can do when working with others.  And they will also get my biz name out there.  Slow business, slow and steady.  I don't have to do events like that every month!  Two are enough, then I need to get to those products.

(I think this is ending up being a bit of a pep talk!)

And don't seek out collaboration right now - this is the time to tuck in and get focused!  Mastermind and life coaching support is good (and enriching the friendships you already have) but you don't need to grow your world that way right now.

Be thankful with what you have because you have ALOT!!!


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