Saturday post

WEEK 40 - POST 6

More emotions today but that's OK.

Trying to decide whether to go to the Mindful Writing Workshop today or not.

I think I will - I think this is a way forward.

We are also away for three days, which is perfect timing.

Sunday to Tuesday we will be enjoying a mini-vacation with pool, tennis courts, great food, awesome fireplace and relaxing setting.  Even if it rains, it doesn't matter.  (I was hoping to go snowshoeing but it'll be what it will be.)


I'm hoping that with these two things I can turn this around and see it a different way.

And that I can process the emotions that are coming up and allow them and accept them.

And just let them move through me.

Rather than pushing them down.

I think I'm even doing a great job on my own already!!

(I noticed this morning that when I woke up my mind was racing with this stress - trying to imagine all the scenarios and figure out what the best thing was to say.  My mind was in denial, trying to protect me from the emotion and "solve" it rather than just allow me to feel.  So I tried to quiet my mind and just name the feeling: "Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety" and put my attention into what it felt like in my body.  Just accepting it - rather than fixing it, denying it or covering it up with "solutions".  I also found comfort from my two bed companions and just allowed myself to feel safe.)

This is a good first step.


P.S. Update at 8:00 pm - I submitted two more fact sheets just now (so the total now is five) and I can get three more done next week.  Which means that in Week 42 I just have two left to do.  I do think this will get done by the end of the month!!

I DID SUBMIT TWO MORE TODAY - 5 out of 10 are done!!

This feels really good.

(I believe in you dear!!  Big hug!!  You can do this and you have support!!)

P.P.S.  See you next Wednesday!  We've had quite a few more check-ins than regular so it's OK if I'm not around on Monday I'm sure.  Hope all is going well with all my entrepreneur friends out there!!

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