part 2 - my own magic (manifesting into real)

What I want to be different:
- connect to myself in the mornings (rather than needing to connect to others) 
- a great morning routine (nourishment, meditation, movement, nature) 
- asking myself how my entrepreneurial work can be of service each day 
- allowing happiness, fun, joy, rest and magic to lead the way! 
- finding the "yes!" and connecting to that, rather than obligation (what should be no) 
- a great balance between marketing and networking and creating products 
- allowing space, patience and time for revitalizing life, relationship and home

Specifically Am Doing:

- doing both immediate business tasks (taxes (getting advice also) and copywrite!)
- collaborating with friend (local) + online friend from blogging class
- took recording (podcasting) class and ready to make first recording
- entrepreneurial partners to work with (TUT, Mastermind, C.P.)
- creating a new routine that better supports my entrepreneurial work!!
(possibly mornings until 10:00 are sacrosanct - my own time (personal & creative)
- networking to discover next opportunities (being interviewed for a blog or podcast,
creating a joint project, working with a graphic designer, finding someone great at helping to create a great headshot...)

What I can do Next:

- setting aside the time to get these new projects done and out in the world!
- seeing office as work space and closing door and leaving work each day*
- updating my business plan yearly (and doing end of year summary)
- pay for professionally designed buttons, adverts, etc.
- opening up business bank account(s) and possibly phone number
- getting professional headshots done this year (wardrobe, makeup, hair)
- have a really great work wardrobe (5 "uniforms")

* buy new door!

Personal that will also help Professionally:

- Saying good-bye to friends that are taking up too much headspace and holding me back
- Letting go of STUFF and trusting that you will have $$$ when you need to buy more!!

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