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WEEK 43 - POST 3

I wanted to get this out on the weekend so as not to darken my week...  I am so excited to go back to normal programming on Monday!!!

So my friend and I sat down and talked finally (after a month - which was probably actually good to let things settle) and I found out that something has been bugging them since 2014!  What?!?!  Three years of having this hidden!!  Ugh!!!

So the conversation went well and we both agreed that we want the best for each other but after I left I realized that one thing they said was a bit CRAPPY.  They didn't like one of my ideas (an app that talked about locations) feeling it was too close to what we had done together (a guided walk on a specific subject) WHAT THE?!?!?!?!

This is what I think I had been sensing - that EVERYTHING I do now, is going to be too close to the area that we collaborated on and that this person will always have themselves in a twist about it.  This sucks because, this person knew I was going back to school for this and wanted to make a go of something and that I was very interested in the subject and already had a blog on the topic!!  UGH.  UGH.  UGH.

(As I said before, I know that the real reason for this is that my friend hasn't really found their own niche or started their own enterprise so I know that they are just feeling the fear of that but it ends up making my life crappy.)

Please - own your own stuff!!

("Just tell me what's up and let me know," they said to me.  Like I have to get permission from them for every single thing I think of now.  OH GOD.)

So this is going to suck and be hard to navigate.  

I'm betting other people might have some type of similar issue also.  Let me know how you've navigated it yourself!

So all I can say is definitely have your EXPERTISE well stated before you go into COLLABORATIONS and really know what are your products and where you will be going no matter what happens with the collaboration.  Also understand where the other person is coming from - especially if their expertise is similar.  Be as open as possible but also know that if there is overlap - there may be competition some day.  


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