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WEEK 40 - POST 5

I was listening to Jen + Tim's Help #2 podcast and it's the same thing that I hear from some spiritual people I read and listen to:

bring the energy of joy and truth and light

offer support (comfort, joy, understanding) to the world without attachment

if you create something of value people will compensate you for it

this is the way to find your path, create your vocation and becoming supported yourself

(but the magic is really all about the "non-attachment" which is a big life lesson)


I received an email back from my supervisor at the end of the day and she just said "No".

no discussion allowed.

If I had been able to renegotiate my contract to lower hours then I would have had more time for my own enterprise.  I'm really struggling to get a weekly post up while I've been working at this writing contract.  It's really hit or miss.  I need to get back to a good schedule for my own enterprise and my "part-time" work.

 And then this job stress bleeds over into my free time (or my blog time also).

It's only three more hours - so really it shouldn't be too bad - but instead of 15 hours which could really fit into two days, it's 18 hours, where I really have to ensure that those three hours don't impact my entrepreneurial work.


But the interesting thing is I feel like there is a shift here.

Like I can really do something different and heal some issues and still get this part-time work done AND my work done also.  (I can just feel the tip of that mild depression I felt last winter and I need to help it heal this time!!)

I do feel like all of this is coming to a head so that I can resolve some deep seeded issues and heal some pain so that I am freer as I move forward.

This is an opportunity to take a different approach and heal.


I know that this year I HAVE to set things up so that next year I can leap.

Next year, I cannot take any more than 10 hours of part-time work but it has to be enough to pay the mortgage.  Or close enough that I can top it up with my own income from my entrepreneurial work.


Let's do this thing!!

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