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WEEK 37 - POST 2

what keeps me going is that by Week 40 - most of this writing contract (the hardest part) will be done whether I like it or not.   :  )

so it's been a rocky week - lots of ups and downs.  woke up tuesday morning with ideas for posts in my head.  it's always the worst (best?) when you find yourself writing them in your head and you really, really need to get them down on paper (or on the screen!).  it's great to see inspiration coming.  I might have as many as 50 ideas for posts now but it's hard when you can't get to them and write while the inspiration is flowing.

and then later that day I got stressed by seeing how "big" one enterprise was calling itself (while it followed 6000 and had 5000 followers) - they were doing t-shirts and patreon and give-aways and now a podcast - and they had only started last fall!  And I also found a second enterprise which had done so much more research (and put it online) than I had done last year (yikes!! but I have a part-time job and no car!!) and a third woman had gotten almost 400 "followers" within the last month by just aggressively posting a multitude of photos each day on instagram and following everyone (1400 so far!!).

deep breath, deep breath, deep breath.  I had to remind myself that I want to be a slow enterprise.  I want to build a community (not followers) and give people great content and mutual support rather than "follow for follow's" sake.  And only once I know what the community that has been created wants, will I be able to consider what I can offer and what they might value and/or perhaps support as part of patreon or other options.

other than all of this, the week had gone OK, in terms of writing contract. I've finally gotten to the end of the one draft fact sheet that has been plaguing me (I've been staring at it for a week or more!) and now am onto really tackling some finished products!!!

I may add one other post this week just to confirm that I have completed some fact sheets!!

wish me luck!!!

Soldiering on!!!! 

YES!!! It WILL get done. 

You can do this!!YES YOU CAN!!!

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