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This is where I'm at: 

So the summer blog posts didn't happen.  Even though I was finished with the writing contract there were other things that took up my time: other writing (for the outdoor audits) and training new staff (for part-time job) which doubled my hours in July and then a two week vacation in August. 

For September I'm hoping to finally get back to the basics and make them GREAT - weekly blog posts and weekly 52 Week initiative and working on my first product!!

The two collaborations went well and this winter I'm hoping to do more guest blog posts and then work on marketing once the product is done.  I've signed up for an online entrepreneur support group and there is another local one that meets IRL monthly near me.  The newsletter never got sent out but I think we'll start that in 2018 also!  And the trademark process is still ticking along in the background (still hoping that it will be finalized by the end of the year). 

What I'm realizing is that I have created a great career for myself and am very successful right now.  I wrote 10 case studies and 10 fact sheets and now I've done 10 audits and all in the area that I want to be working.  Even though my blog isn't where I want it to be, perhaps I have to see that the part-time job is becoming my business and the blog can be the side show for now.  If there is a period where grant funding is not available then I can step up my blog and other products.

I'd love to hear what you are really excited about!!  There's lots to learn and I hope that we can cheer each other on!

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