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MARCH 2018

This is where I'm at:

Still trying to balance the part-time gig with the BIZ.  But here I am looking out at two full months ahead of me as of March 1st (eight weeks and possibly even ten weeks) of time, time, time to work on my business and (almost) nothing else!!

(There's a couple of grants to write but that is it.)

And I have to remember that the grants are to do what I want to do - there is no compromise there (I've turned down two grant possibilities to make sure of this) and I also just sent out an email to the E.D. + my local partner about expansion ideas (so that was brave!! yay!).  I am curious as to where that could take me but I also don't want to lose sight of my own BIZ goals as those feel so much more aligned and sweet.  

I'm really seeing possibility where before it probably was wishful thinking.  The next thing though is to eliminate all distractions (except prioritizing myself) and make these two months sing!!

The priorities still are: products, marketing for launch, guest posts and other promotion opportunities, and updating website for these new products.

Let's step it up and start my first two incredible sweet products and release them into the world this year!  It's time to be brave.  xo

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