final catch up on Sunday evening

WEEK 37 - POST 3

Seriously with all the physical things that I'm worried about (ear infection and now bright lines & floaters in my vision!) I am happy that any progress has been done this week.  I spent 4 hours to get my ears diagnosed and get a prescription last sunday and now it looks like I have to go back - prescription is not working.  And I just went to an eye appointment at the end of friday that took up three hours.  Whew!!

I also worked on presentation (that got cancelled) and sent out newsletter (two hours) and did a lot of other small tasks for part-time work which totaled 17 hours.

End of the day Sunday - what's been done:
  • Five Case Studies revised and delivered
  • Newsletter finalized and sent out
  • Website updated with events
  • Outreach to two organizations
  • Changed dates for training
  • Emails (including contacting five organizations for case studies)

And yes!! One Fact Sheet is Finalized!!


Thought this would NEVER HAPPEN!!

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