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WEEK 40 - POST 2

I had a huge download yesterday.  It was incredible!  The only issue was that it was at the end of the day and I couldn't get to sleep but I cannot complain.

I was doing an exercise where I was trying to envision what the week would be like if a lot of manifestation magic would happen.  I had this image of me jogging in the summer, listening to J + T's podcast and then feeling so inspired and grateful and having all these great ideas and sending them a thank you letter!  Thank you for sharing with us the ups and downs, even though my industry is not as "creative" I still feel like a creative entrepreneur, determining the best tools and products for my market and how I can deliver them with integrity and through collaboration.  It's about sharing the full of you and being in the moment and really connecting. (I was listening to a podcast last night and Jen was talking about finding herself napping so heavily after working on the project one week and also how amazing it was to be working in collaboration - receiving files of music clips and sharing copy with other writers.)

It is all just coalescing.

Including the discussion I had with V. about how I'm not using IG in a very beneficial way (it feels like wasted time if you don't have a specific purpose (like a tag/repost or great photos!) and that percolated with other things I've been exposed to including the art cards and the amazing zenatoledo shares and the wish to do something each week and trying to determine what the best tool would be for those I'm connecting with.

It was incredible and I could feel the energy and how amazing it would be to work on!!!

I'm so excited!!!

And yet I'm still wondering whether I should put in some effort on the two projects I've already imagined for this spring launch and I'm wondering how to work around my part-time schedule (that pays for the mortgage!)   But still - it's so incredibly amazing and thrilling!!

And I woke up today and found a confirmation of some other event that is happening here that I can blog about (and wondering whether I should for weeks) and so I wrote and published a blog post in less than half a day.

Brilliant - this is just so wild and wonderful!!

So I just wanted to share that with you.


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