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WEEK 39 - POST 2

Last weekend I spent almost a full day driving around to sites and taking photos - so that was great!  I even was taking photos at this one location and the owner came out to "spruce it up".  That was so nice.  It was great to be out (felt like I was replenishing my "cup" of energy and creativity) and even to talk to this really kind gentleman who gave me some new ideas!  (Love chatting with people about my passion!)

I got three new blog posts up by the end of last week and I also spent time last weekend on a couple of blog posts and was frustrated on Sunday when I wasn't able to complete one.  One of them - a "Best of List" is being difficult to put together but I do feel like I'm closer and it's fine that I finally set it aside and will look at it again in a couple of days when I feel refreshed!

I watched the rest of the M.F. videos (three in total) and there was some great "encouragement" type stuff.  I need to find something that resonates more with me though - not this super slick almost unreal type of business.  I know it "feels" genuine but its slickness makes it feel "packaged" to BE genuine.  It's a business at that point (when it's so slick) and you have to be willing to switch from connecting with each customer to delivering a great product.  And it has to be a GREAT product if people are willing to make that switch also.  Stuff to think about.  I just want my stuff to feel truly genuine.

I'm also motoring through some Jen & Tim podcasts.  I wasn't listening to them weekly this fall, so I'm way behind.  So Monday found me listening to them each time I went down to the kitchen.  I made myself a real lunch (yay - warmed something up which is a big achievement) and put together soup for dinner at around 3 pm.  I also listened to a couple more at the end of the day - maybe a better way to get ready for bed than more tv?

I still really need a weekend (a couple of days during the week?) where I work on my 2017 business plan!!  But I think that's going to be AFTER I get the fact sheets done.  But I am wondering if I should shift some stuff as the priorities are:

- get back to lawyers
- keep up with blog
- do first recording of MP3
- do taxes for 2016
- work on small downloadable "best of" to launch this spring!
- do guest post (mine for mid-April)
- get some fiction writing done!!
- social media plan + advertising plan
(really just the overall business plan for 2017!)

(not too much at all - right??)


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