what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 33 - POST 1

Already feeling the pressure of "other people" and feeling tired and wondering what's the point of it all.  I think there is a big lack of motivation if you don't connect to people and you don't see what the use of your work is to others.  WOW.

You have to believe that it IS making a difference or really what IS the use??

Positive things - I had at least two days of good writing.  There is that.

In terms of people, I need to think about this more.  Not only who I spend time with this year but also how I can connect with others better.  Feel part of something.

Didn't get around to the four questions this week.



TWO THINGS (this is my weekly effort):

I'm trying to apply Kyle Cease's recommendation.  Trying to look at everything and say "And I love that!"

I'm working on waking up with gratitude every morning.  For every single thing (and I have alot - as some North Americans do.  A warm house, a computer, heating, fresh food, friendly neighbours, democracy, water, etc., etc. etc.)


I'm listening to Jen Lee & Tim Manley podcasts (to again not feel so alone) while I'm on the elliptical.

Using a POMEDERO app to help me break the work down into smaller bite-sized chunks and getting up and moving during breaks.

If I remember, I'm making the effort to EAT away from desk to give myself a break from the screen.


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