a bit of a shift in the writing block (eight more weeks to go!!)

WEEK 35 - POST 2

Eight more weeks of writing contract that is.  :  )

So the beginning of the week, I wasn't able to focus on my writing contract - which left me Wed, Thurs + Fri.

I had a good break through in the writing block on Wednesday.  Hoping that this will help the writing flow today and for the rest of the week.  It looks like I will be working on Saturday but I do want to get out for a quick ski or snowshoe at least - give myself a mental break!!

Other thoughts about work:

I know that I can easily get sucked into social media - now that I'm posting on Fbook, I've found myself responding to comments, etc.  and when I start looking at IG, then the rest of the week, when I'm bored, I keep checking back (and also to see responses), same with Twitter.  But I'm not following enough people to have much of a difference in feed.  I really only need to look once a week or less.

It's a time suck.

I'm thinking comments on blog posts are more valuable.  Especially ones where I want to be build a relationship (possible guest posts, etc. supporting each other through social media?) and also those who support my blog and are really part of "my tribe".

I also spent approx. 2 hours on part-time job that I hadn't scheduled for this month updating the calendar online.  Must watch these time sucks also!!  Priority is WRITING CONTRACT.

Nothing done from my Monday list - except a bit of social media.  Will try and get some of it done this weekend: answer emails, drop off business cards, draft another post, take pictures and make comments.

The other thing I must do is get back to the lawyers!!!

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