starting to get some momentum again!!

WEEK 28 - POST 2

I'm kind of learning how to ride the ebb and flow towards my interest in my blog.  The detailed work of being consistent:

- tagging all photos with key words
- crediting all photos by contributors
- confirming links open up separate tab
- consistent use of various headings
- consistent layout - photo first then heading

drags me down every week or so!  And planning ahead so that I can contact people (if needed) or go out to do photo shoot (if needed) is tricky for me to get done.  Then the social media schedule (promoting new blog posts) is so time consuming (and not the fun side of blogging!) that I just check out after awhile.

So at the end of the week I reviewed my newest (instagram feature) post and finally worked on the photos for this.  I think it also helped that my spouse gathered more of his photos (as I need winter photos now) this weekend and I started brainstorming some great ideas for new posts which got me energized.

I also worked on a comprehensive task list for the business that includes lists for Projects, Blog, Promotion, Finance, Networking, etc.  It's helped me see more clearly what next steps need to be and probably feel less overwhelmed.  Whew!

And I googled for a specific topic and my blog ended up on the SECOND PAGE for the google query.  That's not bad!!  At least I'm not seventh or fifteenth!  This is GREAT NEWS!!

I was supposed to get tons of work done for my writing contract this week but again that didn't get done.

Not too worried as I was hoping to stop work on the 19th but CAN work until the 22nd, so I have that week to catch up on hours (plus first week of January).  It WILL get done.  xo

So Work this Week Was:
- part time job (two meetings + emails & other tasks)
- created "giveaway" for holiday show (WOW!!)
- one blog post posted (with photos chosen and tagged)
- second blog post posted (with three parties giving permission for photos)
- master task list created
- consistency checked (reviewed all posts from April to September)
- social media this week (IG photos uploaded, tweets)
- line up of following blog posts reworked (ideas for next month)
- rough draft of three posts (with some other drafts being added to)
- five new ideas for blog posts in 2017


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