Let's Celebrate + List for 2017

WEEK 31 - Celebrate Good Times - Come On!!

OK so some times it feels like I've gotten nothing done.

And/or I don't really take time to let it sink in that this is really happening.

That this can be everything I've been dreaming of AND MORE!!

To recap here are SOME of your accomplishments this year:

- Worked with graphic designer for logo, social media icons, blog (and business cards - which I have now!!)
- Did a soft release of my blog to friends (I've never done this with any of the three (four?) blogs that I've had before.  wow!!
- I have been doing social media for my blog all autumn (and did some live tweeting during a special tv show on the topic of my blog) yay!!
- I have my first collaboration with a friend and this is an AMAZING opportunity.
- Supported other friends who are also doing entrepreneurial work and rode to a couple of meetings.  I rode to meetings!!
- Getting comments on my blog (and responding) and also commenting on others.
- Have gone to a few networking events where I claimed my entrepreneurship and blogger title.
- Completed the Juicy Blogging Course.
- Made a great task tracking list to keep me organized for 2017!!

And don't forget that you still have 12 months to continue working on blog (and products) part-time and four months (still) to launch your first product!

2016 STATS
  • First Mentionable Month - June 2016 - 1321 Pageviews
  • Next Mentionable Month - July 2016 - 1450 Pageviews
  • Highest Month of the Year - December 2016 - 1848 Pageviews (EOM final stats)
  • Twitter: 107 & Instagram: 73 (already up from Week 23 - yay!)

Other Part of Business:
- Received two grants to support writing contract - WOW!
- And received a third for the delivery in 2017 - WOOHOO!!
- I have written 8 case studies & two draft ones!!
- I have 10 draft fact sheets that I'm working on
- Reached all the targets for my part-time job for 2016
- I have gone from $20/hour to $23/hour and now to $23.50!!

- I have done a lot of writing this year (mostly in spring) and continued to work with C.P.


- MP3 (yes - let's do it and have fun!!!)
- One Free Offering for visitors
- One Blog post each Week

That's It.  Everything else is gravy!!  xo

And some fun targets for your online milieu:

  • 5000 Monthly Pageviews before the end of 2017 (update 2018 - did get this for one month but not consistently) 
  • 500 Unique Visitors a week that would be amazing!! (did get this a couple of times but not consistently)
  • 500 allies, co-conspirators, community (of my specific passion) on social media (did get this for total of ALL social media but not for each)
  • 100 for newsletter (should we try for that also?) (did not promote so this number is low - 4 total so far!) 


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