getting close to thirty weeks!! (wow)

WEEK 27 - POST 2

I feel so NOT like an entrepreneur.

It's hard to keep momentum when there are so many projects to work on:

- part-time job
- writing contract
- blog
- social media
- networking
- business products
- writing
(mastermind - is this a project?)

and more!!!

A friend offered me the opportunity to create a "giveaway" for a holiday show to help get the word out but I told her last month that I was just too busy.

today talking to her again she double checked with me - even offering to create a postcard for me.


wonderful for her to offer but I really can't have someone else designing my marketing material.


so now I'm back to wondering if I should throw something together for next Thursday.

GOD.  I SAID NO ALREADY - why do I have to deal with this AGAIN!!

(It was hard enough for me to say "no" once - now I have to revisit this.)


(I should have just taken her up on the offer to make something for me.)

Nothing more to say... very unhappy about current situation.


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