the calm before the storm

WEEK 26 - POST 2

I don't know why I wrote the above.  I don't know if there will be a storm but I definitely feel calm!!

I published another post this week: Part 2 of our Trip and I have another that just needs photos.

And I have a third that should be easy to write about instagram tags...

so the posts are starting to roll again... although I don't know what my next two posts will be about... I have nothing in the hopper after the #hashtag post....

On the social media side - I've done a bit of tweeting but I haven't touched instagram.  I'm not really ready to start posting winter photos yet.  :  )

Things feel calm.  I'm still, as always behind in my posts.  No one knows but me, but still I'm writing november posts and here it is almost december!

If I get the two published this week and then get two done next week, I will be caught up!!  And then if I get two done the week after - I'll be ahead.  (This is what I said in Week 17 but never did get ahead... maybe this time it will happen!!)

I have two "blog days" scheduled for next week!!  And I printed out a Blog Schedule Calendar to commit to getting one post each week along with other blogging activities - social media, etc.

I think the reason things seem to be calm here is that I sent off my first five case studies.  They are complete!!  WOOHOO!!  This is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

These case studies have been hanging over my head for MONTHS!! (Along with the fact sheets.)  And now I think things are going to start flowing a bit easier.  I have five more to go, and even if I get three done and am having a hard time with two more, I have an idea that could be an alternative if they just can't get done.  (I'm having a hard time with people getting back to me and being interested in sharing their story - it's really out of my control.)

And the fact sheets, should be fun to write!  I was writing one as I was falling asleep this week.  I know I can do this!!  (And one of the board members was mentioning how key it would be to consider this type of activity... little did she know that I am writing fact sheets on just that thing!!)

Finally the Writing Contract isn't feeling like such a monster!!  Amazing relief here - BRILLIANT!!

And then there are the two products that I want to create this winter... it's all getting rather exciting...  I can feel some momentum!!

OK Fingers Crossed.



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