See-Saw - (still) trying to figure out how to move forward.

WEEK 24 - POST 2

Here is what I did in one day.

- a lot of organization of posts
- checking list for upcoming months
- instagram + twitter
- 2 complete posts (W & W, CH)
- 4 drafts of posts (land of giants (x 2), exploring, insta tags)

There was a lot of momentum in that one day and if I could have, I would have worked for another day or more.  It was very energizing.  Getting stuff done is energizing!!

I feel like my energy has to go in too many directions.  This writing contract is not only scary and frustrating but also pulls me completely out of my "zone" (even though it is in the same topic area in a way).  And when I go out for my part-time job and talk to others, it's exciting, it's great to imagine how this could make a difference for people and cities.  But again it pulls me in a different direction.

I like the idea of a balance between going out, talking to people and helping them out and then going home and writing.  But that doesn't leave enough room for the third part - going out for my entrepreneurial projects.

Was hoping to get to the Blogging course but still no time.  Wasting time on so many other distractions.

Resistance, resistance to what is.  Let's go.  Let's just work on what is RIGHT NOW!!


P.S. That "event" I talked about in Week 23?  I wasn't able to do much networking or chat with people about what they are doing but I did have a really restorative afternoon (did some sketching - yes!  wow!), got re-energized with some new ideas (after listening to some talks) and took some great photos and connected with a couple of people on social media.

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