Ride the energy train girl!! Very excited!!

WEEK 23 - POST 3

Today I have time for my blog (and the blogging course) AND I'm planning on working on it for a second day on Monday.

There's an event next week and it will be a great opportunity to get the info out about my blog and to hopefully meet a collaborator!

I'm feeling energized!!  Especially as this morning I woke up with an idea for a blog post, when I've been blocked for three weeks!


(I'm especially happy, because I went out with a friend this week (the person from Week 2) and AGAIN I left felt crappy and drained after we chatted! When will I learn!?!  I was so worried after that meet-up that it would affect things even more negatively BUT luckily it didn't.)

I resolve NOT to meet up with any energy-draining, unsupportive people until I really have this business in hand (or at least to recognize what I'm doing and make sure I have a support system set up for after I see them!)  I know I need to determine at some point whether they really need to be in my life at all but for now I have other priorities.  Back-burner them for now!

I also have a skype session with my mastermind partner which I'm very excited about.  We can bounce off ideas about blogging and social media and what types of free products we can offer.  (Something I really need to work on!)

So for today, I'm going to comment on a few blogs (make some more connections!), have my skype session and then work on a couple of blog posts AND get some ideas for social media this week.

I'm EXCITED as I can see where I can add some fun and cool initiatives and where MY niche will be!  Which will really help when I meet people and talk about possible collaborations!!



Comments for storyteller in Australia, naturalist in seattle, local N. blog (defunct - but great!), N photographer in the city and... who else???  I need to figure out how to better connect with my peeps!!

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