checking in for a flash - hoping to get back into a schedule starting next week!


A really, really, really QUICK check in.

Did some instagram and twitter this week.  Nothing else!  Hoping to do some work on the blog before next Wednesday as I've signed up for an event in my line of work.

(I did do some reviewing of my C.P.'s story and sent her feedback on 9 chapters!  And a great breakthrough with life coach that makes me so much lighter - hopefully will be reflected in my entrepreneur work!!)  Really it's all green energy right??

Quick Counts:

Twitter: 73 Followers

Instagram: 51 Followers

Where would I like to be in 1 year, 5 years??  I am shocked when I see people have 27 K or something like that.  But then really - that's not even the population of the city where I live.  When you think of actual populations it's small.  We can do that right??  (Need to improve photos if that is for instagram though!)  But in one year it would be great if both were around 500.  (We can dream right?)  ; )


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