what's what: monday morning check in!


Very quick check in this week.

Two weeks left of the month and I have to POWER through my writing contract hours this week if I want to have a relaxing time out west.

Happy that I completed Week 2 of the Blogging course.  Only had time for one of the three written assignments but I find that for the 2nd assignment, I already do the type of blogging suggested and for the 3rd assignment, I had done a couple of posts like it.  It was great looking back on my previous posts to see the underlying intentions for them, even if I was unaware of them myself.  Will position me well for future posts.

Worried that I will never get this schedule working for me.  (Haven't found ANY time for fiction writing yet.) I know that in November I'll be away one weekend and already thinking about how this might throw me off.

OK.  So this is a week you can hunker down and just think about three things - moving (exercise), food (healthy) and work.  That's it.  Put ALL other priorities on the backburner.


What's Inspiring You This Week: The first part of my writing contract is almost half done - I will have all seven case studies written in a first draft this week and hopefully have done interviews with all of them to finalize by the end of the month and send for review.  WOW.  And you thought you couldn't do this.  xo

Where Are you Stuck This Week: Always so ready to distract myself.  Must try other (more healthy distractions).  Make a healthy meal, time with loved ones, move and stretch, pet the cat.  (Do not get on the internet - do not worry about what is going on with friends or the world!  Even in terms of the class - don't look at it until end of the week!!  And especially no travel research!!  xo)

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You are ALREADY DOING this!  You have written the case studies and have a great start to some of the fact sheets and had that great inspirational idea for the primer just last week. You are ALREADY DOING THIS!!

What Will You Commit To For This Week: Writing, Eating Healthy, Drinking Lots of Water and Movement.

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

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