still no blog posts (3 weeks and counting)

WEEK 19 - POST 2

What to say, what to say??

I had a great session with my life/business coach (as I think anything I do to improve life also helps with business!).

I started the "Juicy Blogging E-Course" by Britt Bravo and am love, love, loving it!!

So much value already - amazing!  And it's only Week One.

Lots of inspiration and lots of discussion and wonderfully curated. organized and administrated by Britt.  She really is attentive and gives alot of value-added.

I'm impressed!

Also a priority right now - really trying to clean out my stuff (release tons of "junk") that I don't need.  I am trying to trust and allow so that in the future great things can happen.  I am working on my belief that I will be successful and able to buy what I really need and will VALUE in the FUTURE!!

I want to spend some time each week on this during the next four weeks, so that this winter I can truly focus on core needs and deliverables and not feel weighted down by stuff I don't need or have time to fix or make work.

One thing I did do, but don't want to do again:

I ended up spending some time trying to correct something I read that someone else tweeted.

Have you ever felt the need to do that??

I hate being a professional in a field and seeing the wrong information being shared.

The information being shared is a not a debatable fact or an opinion.  It's not something any other professional is on the fence about.

It's being shared by an organization that doesn't have the man power to hire real social media or professionals (they are very short-staffed) but they do have a presence and therefore could be taken for their word.

I didn't want to email or contact them directly so instead I sent out a tweet and put on instagram the correct information.  But I had to go out and take photos and then spend time doing the social media - all on a day when I wasn't planning on doing any of that.

I KNOW I don't want to be an advocate but when I see something like that I can't help myself.  But I need to learn to just let it slip.  I can't FIX THE WORLD!!

Share with me any ideas you may have to help me with this one!!

Blog posts... nothing yet!!!

MUST, MUST, MUST make that a priority IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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