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WEEK 21 - POST 2

I don't have enough time to publish quality posts right now.

But with the course I feel like I have to push "publish" and the last two posts have not been that great.

Along with some kind comments and now radio silence, I feel a HUGE lack of motivation to work on my blog.

I have very limited hours this week and the last thing I want to do is publish another sub-par post.

They are supposed to be getting better - not worse!!

Small Good things:

Woke up with some more ideas for my MP3 so I quickly jotted them down.

Also had a few email exchanges about recording studios, costs, etc. here in the city.

Had a few other comments on the blog (one person said she shared my post) and i received some kind comments and likes on Fbook (where I shared a different post) and a friend also retweeted my post on twitter.

All this effort to market - get the word out - can really be exhausting (esp. for introverts!)

Another good thing:

Am getting my hours in for the contract and part-time job.  yay!!

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