can she do it... at least one blog post this weekend....

WEEK 19 - POST 3

So for the next four weeks I'm taking the Juicy Blogging E-Course by Britt Bravo and I want to write some stuff about it each week.  I don't want to share proprietary info but just some of my thoughts as I take the course.

Was thinking about interviewing people to share their stories last year when I started the blog.  I thought it would be great to hear about how they relate to the topic I'm blogging about and now I'm getting excited about that idea again!!

I really like what I'm writing in my blog but for the most part the style is informational with some great images and I want to branch out and really connect with my readers.  I do think I should tell my own story (and get better at it!) but I think sharing other people's stories would be great also!!

Also how can I write from a more authentic voice (and not sound so trite and "too upbeat" all the time?) and how can I be more generous to other business owners and bloggers?  Must share more links and this gives me permission to do some shorter blog posts - such as link love posts!

I find myself being drawn to informational blogs on topics I want to improve, sharing stories when it comes to things that are really close to me (spirituality, entrepreneur, writing) and visual when I want to just be inspired and moved.  I know I do not like those lists "3 ways to, 10 ideas for" when I'm trying to really make changes in the three items I just listed.  But I don't mind the lists when I'm just looking for quick hacks to other topics (fitness, healthy cooking, finance, fashion).



I did a post, I did a post!!  yay!!  and for our assignment we are to write at least one post (out of three suggestions), so I will go with one (or two?) tomorrow.

Am excited as I will be experimenting with a different style of post, which will give me more variety to choose from in the end.

This e-course is a GREAT investment!

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