Feeling Guilty that I'm not Doing More - Time Crunch Woes

WEEK 14 - POST 2

Have been receiving really kind emails from friends about my blog.  It feels great to say "this is what I'm doing" and everybody is being really lovely about it.  Of course I wonder (the doubtful part of me) if they are just saying kind words but not *really* meaning it.  Thinking to themselves "what is she doing?".  But I know that many of them have been in the boat just wanting to pursue what they love (despite whether anyone else gets it or not) and just trusting that the people who do "get it" will find me.

Trust, trust, trust.

I wrote at my friend's house (we meet to do TUT work) "trust in the flow" and the bigger part of it all is the TRUST.  I thought it was about finding the flow and allowing it but - making it happen but now realize that the trust is what makes it happen.

Today it's hard to trust as it's the end of the month and the time crunch to get my "payable hours" done for my invoice is hanging over my head.

New routine only happened for a day or so because with all this stress nothing else is getting done (except for zoning out in front of tv).

But I did spend a full day working on the blog (to the detriment of my contract hours) - publishing two more posts and doing some social media.  Whew!!

And the June main post is now updated for the autumn.  So happy about these two things.

It's really great!!  You ARE doing it.


Today (last day of the week) and I'm going out to get more billable hours.

The blog will have to wait until next week when I have time again.

It's a four day week though and that always makes it harder to get in the hours also!

Life will really get back to normal on Week 16.

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