Gaining some momentum... yay!!

WEEK 13 - POST 2

I didn't want to make my Monday post incredibly long so to start off with here is a bit of an update:

- The "hosted images" are working better now (Wk 7 post).  But I still want to send a testimonial to my web designer and I'll ask her for the original files for the photos and for the QR code.

- Static pages are good.  But still could do more (add photos to city page and add a link to all "City Posts" - I want a "City" button also.  Seasons page still needs photos but I did proof read and re-edit it before the soft launch).

- The two things I committed to in Wk 7 didn't happen:  comments on other blogs and business cards.   I am getting out some days, but need to schedule this weekly.

- Plan on working out of the house two times a week (year round) - coffee shop or shared office? Last winter a strong unhappiness set in (mild depression?) and I think it was partial due to the lack of connection I had being at home all the time.

What is done now is 13 posts, 4 static pages and small steps on my social media.

I have my to do list for this week and I'm also hoping to update all personal social media.

Updated: Twitter,  Linked In
One blog post tweet done (and some "likes" for other tweets)
Two long emails for MMinders (did receive response so now back to me)
Collaboration: Sent Logo and email
Took photos for blog post!!  Yay!!
Life Coach session (great help for business!)

Publish three blog posts (one almost ready, one half-done)
Update: Fbook, Instagram, so that there is information about my blog there.
Post on Fbook about blog (on other joint Fbook page)
Testimonial + Business Cards still :  )

Tomorrow I have to focus on my part-time job, but I still want to get new blog posts published.

Next week should have two half-days to work on entrepreneurial business.

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